CLM provides counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. A broad range of issues are addressed including depression, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, abuse, grief and difficult life adjustments.
Fees are based on the following:


CLM’s policy is to provide counselling to whomever needs it regardless of their ability to pay and as such we do not charge fees for counselling. If however, you are in a position to give, allow us to suggest a donation for the following sessions:

Individual Session         RM 60.00

Marriage/Couple Session     RM 100.00

Family Session         RM 100.00

We encourage everyone to give a donation/an offering, as it will continue to support the work we do as well as our outreach work to shelters, orphanages and the disadvantaged. If you can afford to give more that would be much appreciated, if you cannot afford the suggested amount, please give what you can.


If you requested the services of registered professional counsellors, the suggested donation is as follows:

Individual Session         RM 150.00

Marriage/Couple Session     RM 200.00

Family Session         RM 200.00

Types of Counselling


There is a wide range of reasons people come for counselling. From relationship issues to emotional difficulties to problems in the work place or a life change or crisis.


We provide pre-marital counselling to prepare couples before marriage in order to have a strong and healthy marriage.


Couples come for counseling to improve communication, learn to resolve conflicts and to seek help with sensitive issues such as extra marital affairs, problems with in laws, parenting issues and the like. It is best when couples come together but we do see individual spouses if the other spouse is unwilling or unable to come.


In family counselling, typically at least 2 family members are present but we also work with individuals on family issues.

Counselling Process

You can call the center during office hours to make an appointment. Some basic information will be asked as to the nature of the problem, your available day and time. Do let us know if you would like to see a licensed counsellor.

You can also make an appointment via email. For the online Counselling Request Form, please

Click HERE

We will do our best to assign you an appointment within
2 working days.

We operate on a donation basis. If you cannot afford to give anything, please do not let that stop you from coming. However, if you can afford to give, please be generous. Thank you.

Please be punctual for your appointment. For individuals, your appointment will be for 50 minutes and
for couples, 90 minutes.

If you must cancel your appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance so that we are able to give the appointment to someone else.


Counselling is a process. You did not develop your problem overnight and you won’t solve it in just 1 session. We ask that you commit to coming for at least 4 sessions. The first 2 sessions will be spent getting to know you and understanding the issue you are facing. Counselling is a cooperative endeavor. The next step will be for both counsellor and counsellee agreeing on what the goal of counselling should be and subsequently
making a plan to see that happen.


We look forward to meeting you. Here is a
Location Map